Author = Mohammad Abdollahpour Darvishani
Determination of Selected Lower Limb Muscles Electromyography Frequency Spectrum in Male Soccer Players with ACL Injury during Three Running Patterns

Volume 6, Issue 2, November 2022, Pages 1-9


Ameneh Pourrahim Ghouroghchi; AmirAli Jafarnezhadgero; Mohammad Abdollahpour Darvishani

Effects of School Sports Spaces on Electromyography Activity of Lower Limb and Erector Spinae Muscles during Running in Students

Volume 4, Issue 1, June 2020, Pages 52-60

Nasrin Azizian; Mohammad Abdollahpour Darvishani; AmirAli Jafarnezhadgero; Mahrokh Dehghani; Fahimeh Momenifar