Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2019, Pages 1-150 
3. Comparison of the EMG Frequency Spectrum of Lower Limb Muscles during Weight Training with Traditional and Novel Equipment

Pages 19-31

AmirAli Jafarnezhadgero; Amirhosein Sadri; Mohammad Mahdi Bahrami Sharif; Milad Alipour Sarinasirloo

4. Immediate Effects of Various Foot Orthoses on Lower Limb Muscles Co-Contraction during Single-leg Drop Jump

Pages 32-41

Mehrdad Anbarian; Mohamad Hossein Ghasemi; Amir Reza Sedighi; Ali Jalalvand

5. Designing the Prototype of Smart Athletes Recording Equipment Based on Internet of Things Using the Arduino Board

Pages 42-49

Fatemeh Abdavi; Mohammad Rasoul Khodadadi; Arman Heidari Param; Sajjad Pashaie

10. Designing a Web-based Health Document Automation for Fitness Clubs

Pages 93-103

Abbas Naghizadeh-Baghi; Farzad Nobakht sareban

11. Identification of Barriers to Research and Technology in Sports Sciences in Iran

Pages 104-119

Nazanin Rasekh; Hamid Ghasemi; Hossein Zareian; Fahimeh Mohammad Hassan

12. The Effect of Four-Week Vibration Training on Adiponectin and Fibrinolysis Markers Levels in Overweight Women

Pages 120-128

Tahereh Rashidi; Behrouz Baghaiee; Ramin Forouzandeh; Manizheh Noruzian

13. Musculoskeletal Modeling of Optimal Soccer Kick to Evaluate Selected Muscles Function

Pages 129-137

Mostafa Hajlotfalian; Mohammad Hadi Honarvar; Parastoo Shamsehkohan

14. Comparison of Muscle Activity and Timing between a Custom Shoe with Hydrodynamic Mechanism and Regular Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Shoe

Pages 129-145

Seyyed Abbas Farjad Pezeshk; Mohammad Shariat Zadeh; Saeed Ilbeigi; Mohammad Yousefi

15. Introducing a Practical Model for Developing a Bicycle Sharing System in Shiraz

Pages 146-157

Zahra Heydarinaghdali; Masoud Naderian Jahromi; Seyed Korosh Sarvarzadeh