Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1 - Serial Number 12, March 2023, Pages 1-85 
Developing a Structural Pattern of E-commerce in Iran Sport Businesses

Pages 1-8


Shahrooz Keihan; Reza Nikbakhsh; Abolfazl Farahani; Ali Mohammad Safania; Mohsen Bagherian FarahAbadi

Wearable Measurement Unit for Objective Assessment of Catching and Underhand Throwing Development

Pages 33-44


Samaneh Hajihosseini; Mahmoud Sheikh; Mahboubeh Ghaiur Najafabadi; Davoud Houminiyan Sharif Abadi; Hadi Veisi

The Training Load Indices in Professional Soccer Players: Pre-Season Index of Overall Demand

Pages 45-56


Marefat Siahkouhian; Razieh Ramazanzadeh; Maral Siahkouhian; Bagher Shoja Anzabi